Ochil 2000s

Long Classics

Sat 24-Aug-24
Start time
AL 33km 1770m
£18 - (£20 EOD)

Mens record
02:47:44 Kris Jones (2023) (Old course 2:39:17 Murray Strain (2012))
Womens record
3:20:55 Catriona Buchanan (2018) (Old course 2:51:53 Angela Mudge (2008))

Glen Sherrup carpark Glen Devon
Lon, Lat
3 o 39.6085 W 56 o 13.6704 N
Grid Reference
NN 97172 5163
Neatest Postcode
FK14 7JY ( distance: 701 m )

Stirling university
Lon, Lat
3 o 55.4955 W 56 o 8.8466 N
Grid Reference
NS 80508 96644
Neatest Postcode
FK9 4LP ( distance: 189 m )

Stirling University
Lon, Lat
3 o 55.4868 W 56 o 8.8426 N
Grid Reference
NS 80516 96636
Neatest Postcode
FK9 4LP ( distance: 191 m )

Race information

Only two parts of the route will be marked, from to start onto the open ground below Innerdownie (you must cross the deer fence at one of the 3 marked crossing points - you will be disqualified if you climb the fence)and then from the Gate at the entrance of Yellow Craig woods (NS820974) back to the University, you must follow the marked route from the gate to the bottom of the muddy bank

There will be a control (Orienteering style Kite and SI Dibber) or Marshall on top of each of the 2000 foot plus peaks in the Ochils and additionally on Colsnaur Hill in Menstrie and on Dumyat.

You will be required to carry

  • Map
  • Whistle
  • Compass
  • Full waterproof body cover
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • We also recomend you carry a mobile phone with you

Details on the Maps - Landranger Sheet 58/57 - Perth to Alloa, Explorer sheet 366 - Stirling and Ochil Hills West, Harvey Maps - Ochil Hills

Race entry

Entry details
Pre entries from 13th July via SiEntries - Limited entry on the day depending on spaces on the coaches
Entries close:
Sat 24-Aug-24 12:00
Registration opens

Registration and Finish will be at the Gannochy Sports Centre at Stirling University. A Bus will take everyone to the start at the Glensherup Car Park in Glen Devon at 10:45.

Registration will be from 9:00am to 10:30am with changing facilities available at the Gannochy. The Start will be at 12 noon.

Kit will be checked at registration

Race route

You need to visit the following checkpoints:

Hill Height Grid Refrence
Innerdownie 611m NN 967031
Whitewisp Hill 643m NN 955014
Tarmangie Hill 645m NN 943015
Kings Seat Hill 648m NS 936998
Andrew Gannel Hill 670m NN 919005
The Law 638m NS 910996
Ben Cleuch 721m NN 903007
Ben Buck 679m NN 896014
Ben Ever 622m NN 893001
Blairdennon Hill 631m NN 866019
Colsnaur Hill 553m NS 849971
Menstrie 30m NS 849971
Dumyat 418m NS 836977


Route Map

Route GPX file

Additional information

New route to finish
Because of building work at the university, the route into the university has been changed. The route now stays on the track at the edge of hermatage woods, and enters the university at the last entrance. From there it is a short run along the side of the road down to the finish. The route will be marked. (Red line on map)

6 Marshals on the hill – Located on Innerdownie, Kings Seat, Ben Ever, Blairdennon, Menstrie and Dumyat 

Simply insert the business end of the dibber into the hole on the control unit and hold it there (typically less than a second) until the control unit beeps and the light flashes – at all 13 Controls. There is a charge of £30 for a lost dibber.

Deer Fence
There is a deer fence on leaving the woods to gain access to Innerdownie, one just before White Wisp Hill and two new fences between Blairdennon and Dumyat. – Please only cross the fence at the marked crossing points – You will be disqualified if you climb the fence. 

There are some old short metal fence post stubs sticking out of the near Blairdennon 

If you want to retire from the race, please contact one of the Marshals or contact race organizer on 07885 912200.

To get off the Ochils head south, all the glens and ridges have tracks that will take you down to one of the Hill foot Villages on the A91. There are regular Busses along the Hill Foots that will take you back to Stirling University. Get off the Bus at Wallace Monument and go through “Innovation Park” to get back to the University.

Taped Routes
Taped route is the suggested routes on to the hills you can use alternative routes if you wish. At the finish we ask you to follow the taped route through the university grounds (See New route to finish). 

Results from previous races