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Maddy Moss Mash Hill Race

Cancelled for 2021 - will return in 2022

10k, 760m (AM)

Bog and Burn Race

Race results

Photos - 1998 & 2003

Records - New Route since 2014
47:45 Kristian Jones 2017
1:01:32 Fanni Gyurks 2016
Records - old Route
47.39 B Rodgers 1996
53.10 A Mudge 1999
Start: Top of steps east of Mill Glen car park, Tillicoultry NS914977 (Landranger Sheet 58 - Perth to Alloa)
Details contact: Alex King
Registration - Upstairs in the Woolpack Inn (NS 915974)
Event Details
  • Race starts at 7pm
  • The race is open to runners over 18 and who are experiences in navigating over hilly terrain.
  • The route is 10Km long with 760m of climb (AM) most of it over grassy terrain with some rocky outcrops.
  • Only the start and end of the route is marked, you will be required to navigate over the rest of the route.
  • You will be required to carry to following equipment
    • Map
    • Whistle
    • Compass
    • Full waterproof body cover
    • Hat
    • Gloves
    Kit will be checked at registration
  • Suitable Maps: OS Landranger Sheet 58 - Perth to Alloa, OS Explorer sheet 366 - Stirling and Ochil Hills West, Harvey Maps - Ochil Hills
  • Anyone wishing to retire from the race MUST report to the nearest marshal and to the race finish (Cricket Pavilion).

The route starts with a steep climb, then takes the lower path (1) above Mill Glen, droping down to cross the Gannel Burn and climb up the Law (2). Once on the Law the path takey you onto Ben Cleuch (3). Retrace your route for a short while then over a fence (4) and along bedisde a wall to the Summit of Andrew Gannel (5), at this point you turn almost completly back on yourself to take the path down to Maddy Moss (6). Follows the path along top of the hill (marked in red - new route from 2014) above Gannel burn to come out well above the finish (7) for a short steep final decent.

Maddymoss Route


Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

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