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John Gallacher

John Gallacher Profile


First in an occasional series of club profiles, this edition highlights our cannie club captain John Gallacher.

It is interesting to note that his name is derived from "john" the Scottish word for toilet and "Gallacher", from the Gaelic word for Midge.

BACKGROUND:- John's formative years as a pupil were spent in a school somewhere towards the east end of Glasgow which was run by nuns and was called ''Our Lady of the Perpetual. Pre-menstrual Tension". From there he went on to secondary school and eventually found his way to Stirling University where he studied Earth and Environmental science. His entry into running was through the back door..of Chinese restaurants that is. Reputedly, while John wan struggling through university life favourite ploy was as follows. John would enter into one of the aforementioned restaurants and order a sumptuous meal. He would then time it such that two minutes before the bill arrived he would go into the gents toilet and rip the cistern and sink off the wall. Once John indicated the ensuing flood to the proprietors he would Sneak out of the back door during the resulting fracas. An news of the ruse gradually spread through the restaurant trade John would find himself running further and further to avoid capture and eventually took to the hills. To this day many Chinese restaurants are still struggling with the burden of grossly inflated insurance premiums and a Triad contract remains unfulfilled... Watch this space.

PASTIMES:- Other hobbies include cooking, collecting cars and trimphone impersonation. John is an avid birdwatcher (twitcher) as his many videos on this subject will testify John founder member of the "save the Plankton" campaign and was credited with they're slogan "Krill in Brill".

FAVOURITE MAGAZINES:- (Excluding Colour Purple that is) KamaSutra User Guide, popular tax evasion and scorpion FancierWoman's Weekly (how to knit. a jumper edition) and Cosmopolitan (now to knit an orgasm edition).

FAVORITE TELEVISION PROGRAMMES:- Sumo, Good Sex Guide, Prisoner Cell Block H.

PB (Preferred bevy) :- Buckfast ("Buckie" to John).

PRE-RACE MEALS:- Kippers and Marmalade Butties, Chocolate rice Crispies with Tabasco Sauce.

Typical Weeks Training:

Mon am Dumyat pm Dumyat
Tues am Damyat pm Dumyat
Wed am Dumyat pm Watch video of "Chariot's of Fire"
Thus am Dumyat pm Ben Led!
Fri am Dumyat pm Dumyat
Sat am Dumyat pm Tesco - (speed seaaion)
Sun am Dumyat pm Watch video of "Nuns on the Run"

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