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From our raving correspondent:


On the wind swept and stormy night of the 11 December 1992 Frank Kelly and John Gallacher accompanied by a motley crew of fellow OHR members, completed their 100th ascent of Dumyat within one calendar year. An achievement will no doubt become legendary within the annals of Scottish hill running In the true spirit of sportsmanship Gallacher allowed his elder, Kelly, the ritual experience of reaching, the summit first. Howling gales and driving rain could not dampen the sense of achievement as a bottle of Champagne was corked and all present, on this historic occasion, saluted the demons of Dumyat. The bottle will no doubt become an OHR talisman: the Frankie and Johnny trophy no less. Which in the years to follow will be presented annually to an OHR member with the most outstanding and meritorious performance . However. the day belonged to Messers Kelly and Gallacher.

Pushing my way to the front of the ecstatic throng I managed A few words with the fantastic fellsmen. Both basking in their reflected glory stated that "they did it because it was there" in what might prove to be one of mountaineering's most original one liners. "It's a challenge continued Gallacher "our Everest and basically because we're daft and, the hill begins, with Dum" Kelly nodded in agreement still unable to contain his emotions (though fortunately most was stuck to the back of his legs) or to catch breath but was able to rasp that this was just the start of other Dumyat challenges and '93 would see. the duo attempting :wheelbarrow ascents or was it going to be a three legged affair? At this stage Your correspondent couldn't quite hear as the assembled fans and groupies cheered their heroes

And what heroes. Consider the logistics given a heavy training and racing schedule, with some 60 races between them in '92 plus the famous Gallacher trip to Borneo to teach Bongo Bongo chaps a thing or two about hill running The Dumyat Attempt alone represents 125,000 feet of climb over 500 miles Eat your heart out Edmund Hillary, be sick as a parrot Chris Bonnington.

Forget about the Colonial Club, the Jockey Club or any other you care to mention. Kelly And Gallacher now 'belong to the most exclusive club in Britain: the Dumyat 100 Club. To join, one only has to repeat their incredible performance and then, and only then, will you be man enough to wear the Dumyat 100 T shirt.

As they came, so the he-man hillrunners faded into the darkness as they descended their beloved hill. A gust of wind caught their banter in which Gallacher was heard to say to Kelly: "You know Frank I've spent more time on Dumyat than I have on my missus" A right pair'o lads indeed, and what a pleasure in meeting two men making fellrunning history


I.C. Screwloose.

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