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100 Dumyats in 1 year - The Club Challenge


The Challenge: To run up Dumyat 100 times in a calendar year.

The Rules:

  • Dumyat must be ascended to the top 100 times between 1st January and 31st December in one year.
  • The start point for each attempt must be as near sea level as possible, The Gannchy at Stirling University or places on the hill foots (Logie Kirk, Blair Logie or the Scout Hut at Menstrie) are allowable start points.
  • More than one ascent is allowable in any one run, as long as one of the start points is reached before the next ascent.
  • The Challenge is open to anyone in the club. 
  • Any disputes will be resolved by "the committee" consiting consistingof Frank Kelly and John Gallacher.

Hall of Fame

Year Completed By
1992 Frank Kelly and John Gallacher
1993? John Bowers
2000 David Gardiner
2001 Alex King
2002 Alex King
2003 Alex King
2004 Alex King
2005 Alex King
2006 Alex King
2007 Alex King
2009 Gary Fraser
2009 Alex King
2009 Alan Murray
2010 Gary Fraser
2010 Alex King

The First 100: (by Frank Kelly)

John G and I completed or 100 Dumyats on 17th Dec 1992. I was looking back my diary for that year and noticed that I had done my 50th Dumyat on 1st October.......for about 10 weeks after that it was Dumyat frenzy and the Dumyat count for the last 5 weeks up until the 100th was 33. The most I done in any week was 8......I have a feeling that John may have done more than that in 1 week but I'm not sure.....I remember that one weekend day he done 3 consecutives.

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