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Dollar Hill Race

2nd Ju1y, 2016 - 2:00 PM

9.4 miles, 3150ft (AM)

Entry on the Day
Race Route for 2016


  • Male: 1:11:27 2014 Simon Baley
  • Female: 1:24:01 2010 Pippa Maddams
Dollar Race Route

>Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.
Race Details
  1. Race starts at 2pm
  2. Registration will start around 12:00 - Cost £5 - Pre entry or Entry on the Day 
  3. Please bring a Map, Compass and Whistle - If the clouds are down navigation on some parts of the course can be difficult
  4. You will be required to carry full body cover - Conditions can be difficult even in Summer
Course Summary
  1. Up Dollar glen exiting the glen on the west side (red route)
  2. Cross the Burn of Sorrow then climb up to the top of Saddle Hill
  3. Go over the summit of White Wisp then the Summit of Tarmangie
  4. Follow the fence line down to the Col then the path around Skythorn Hill
  5. Follow the fence to the highest point the turn 90 degrees left along to the summit of Andrew Gannel.
  6. At the summit turn almost back on yourself and follow the track going down.
  7. Over the top of King Seat (Races prior to 1998 and the 2004 race went from Dollar to here and back)
  8. Over the top of Bank Hill
  9. Return via Dollar Glen.
Location: NS959983 (Landranger Sheet 58 - Perth to Alloa, Explorer sheet 366 - Stirling and Ochil Hills West, Harvey Maps - Ochil Hills)
Accommodation and local information
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Course Details: Run along the road behind the Academy, turning left into Dollar glen once the burn is crossed, once into the wooded part of the glen turn left and take the footbridge back over the burn. Follow path and exit glen via sty, follow a rough track initially beside the fence, dropping down to cross the Burn of Sorrow via a small bridge. From here is the first steep climb of the race onto Saddle Hill to the first Checkpoint (NN 955005). From Saddle Hill the route goes along the saddle and climbs up to the second Checkpoint on the top of the broad topped Whitewisp Hill (NN 955014). From here for a while the running gets easy, but if the cloud is down the navigation gets harder. A gentle down and up gets you to the third Checkpoint Tarmangie Hill (NN 943014). From here to the next Checkpoint Andrew Gannel Hill (NN 919005) the shortest route is a bit steep and boggy. For speed everyone follows the fence line of Tarmangie, and turning left at the fence junction to follow a faint tract (not so faint for those at the back) around Skythorn Hill and up the side of Andrew Gannel. Follow the land rover track up the hill where the will be a martial directing you to the summit. Should you miss this the hills beyond are very runnable, but visiting them will do nothing for your race time.

The next tricky part of the course is on the Summit of Andrew Gannel, the route turns through about 300 degrees from South to almost North East, but this being the checkpoint, as long as you listen to the martial you won't end up in Tillicoultry. Next is a fast downhill, and just when you need it the most a fairly steep 400ft climb onto Kings Seat the next checkpoint (NS 936998). You're almost home now, if it's clear you'll soon be able to see Dollar and the Finish soon, almost 2000ft below you. Follow the track off Kings Seat, turning left after you cross the gate at the bottom, then follow the track east to Bank Hill and the final checkpoint (NS 954992). From here its straight down to Dollar glen and retrace the route back through the Glen and along the road and finally through the gate to finish at the Cricket Pavilion.


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