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Dave Murray

Maddy Moss Mash - 19th July 2006

Bog and Burn series event


Full Results

Being away on holiday, I'm not rearly in a position to write the race report. John MacEwan the race organiser, did have a try, but to quote him "Did try but no inspiration to even start", but thanks to John and the Marshalls for organising the race.

So here is your chance to write your own, just use the comments box below

Thanks in advance for your input


Male Seinior
1st Andy Symonds Kendal 53:52
2nd Graeme Campbell Highland HR 55:08 (3rd overall)
3rd Daniel Gay U/A 58:23 (5th overall)
Male Vet
1st Adam Ward Carnethy 54:44 (2nd Overall)
2nd David Riach Westerlands 57:28 (4th Overall)
3rd Steven Fallon Carnethy 59:26 (6th Overall)
Male Super Vet
1st Martin Hulme Corsthorphine A.C. 63:42
Team Prize (3Count)
1st Ochil
1st Helen Palmer Westerlands 68:35
2nd Catriona Miller U/A 70:43
Lady Vet
1st Andrina Buchannan Central A.C 73:16
Lady Super Vet
1st Pauline McAdam Westerlands 82:27



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