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National XC Relays

4-Oct-2017 8:06 PM From: Grant Baxter

Message from Karen Kealey :

The national XC relays are being held on Saturday 28 October at Cumbernauld House, Cumbernauld. The club has agreed to pay entries for this. The distance to run is just 4K and it is a very exciting event, last year Andrew Butchart and Callum Hawkins ran, a few years ago Laura Muir was there (I was the only person who seemed to know her then and got her autograph for my daughter).

Hopefully that will persuade some of you to give it a go. It is only 4K so you do need to leg it. The start is up a hill (well, really a hillock) and there is another small hill in it. Not everyone will be fast so don’t be put off if you are slow. It is a good low impact speed session!

If you are a man we need 4 for a team unless we can get an over 50 team (3 runners). If you are a woman it is 4 for an under 40 team and 3 runners for an over 40 team.

Please could you let me know if you would like to run. (karen1kealey@btinternet.com). I can enter some people as reserves if you are not totally sure. You need to be a member of Scottish Athletics, its very easy to join and then you can run all the cross country races and get money off other races.

I need to post the entries out on Friday 13th of October. If you have run before I will have your details, if not please let me know your Scottish Athletics number and date of birth.

The womans race starts at 13.20, the mens race at 14.15 hrs. Other details are on the Scottishathletics website under the Events section.

Don’t be put off if you will need to bring your children along. My eldest daughter (Mary) is running at 12 and unfortunately I need to bring 2 of my other children along (aged 8 and 9) so they will be very bored & probably really muddy by the time the women’s race starts. They are very friendly!

Regards, Karen

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