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Grant Baxter

East District XC Relays

27-Sep-2017 9:38 PM From: Grant Baxter

The East district country relays are being held this year at Glamis Castle on Saturday the 14th of October. 3 women are needed for a team. Fiona and myself are able to run so we are looking for 1 MORE WOMAN. The mens team needs 4 runners. John Stevenson and Davie Millar are interested so we need 2 MORE MEN. The closing date for entries is Monday. I won’t enter partial teams unless requested (I can’t work out how much you would pay etc) so it would be great if anyone could step forward and volunteer. Each leg is only 4K

Why Bother? The east district relays are very friendly and lower key than the nationals. Glamis Castle is a new place to run and is sure to have less dog poo than Cumbernauld. Cross country relays are great to use as a speed session. Most of us have a love hate relationship with cross country. You will feel really good for having done it!

You will need to be a member of Scottish Athletics and the Ochils. We can arrange lift shares so don’t be put off if you have no transport.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested.

Karen (best to reply to Karen1Kealey@btinternet.com) (or text 07745199093)

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