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21-Aug-2017 9:58 PM From: Grant Baxter

Ok, I seem to have randomly sent an old email about Comrie Relays. No idea how I did that. Please ignore. The website also seems to send them twice.

Anyway, I'm trying to finalise teams for Comrie & Hodgson Relays.

Comrie: We need 5 runners for a team, and so far have:

Tom Vas Mhairi McIntosh John McEwan Steve Feltbower

So we need another runner. We had 3 teams here last year, so hope we can at least have one. Don't be shy.

Hodgson Brothers Relay. We need 8 runners as all 4 legs are run in pairs. So far we have interest from:

Andrea Priestly Suzanne Lake Katy Baxter Bob Wiseman Ross Spalding John McEwan Dave Wallace Grant Baxter

We need to have either all males, all females or 4 of each (mixed team). Looks like we may be closer to a mixed team, than an all male or female. So can any other females make themselves known, and do any of the above males mind if they don't run? I for one don't mind.

Come on folks. We have a good reputation for turning out at Relays - it's getting hard to get 2 teams together here.

Thankfully, Graham G has recruited a strong team for FRAs! Phew


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