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Ochil Hill Runners Club Championship 2017 

Wednesday 3-May-2017 7:00 PMDumyat Hill RaceResults
Saturday 6-May-2017 1:00 PMStuc a'Chroin 5000 Hill RaceInfoResults
Saturday 3-Jun-2017 2:30 PMGargunnock Hill RaceResults
Wednesday 14-Jun-2017 7:30 PMBen Sheann Hill Race
Wednesday 28-Jun-2017 7:30 PMLaw BreakerInfo
Saturday 1-Jul-2017 11:00 AMBen Ledi Hill RaceInfo
Saturday 1-Jul-2017 2:00 PMDollar Hill RaceInfo
Saturday 8-Jul-2017 4:15 PMAlva Games hill raceInfo
Wednesday 12-Jul-2017 7:30 PMMaddy Moss Mash Hill RaceInfo
Saturday 26-Aug-2017 12:00 PMOchil's 2000 raceInfo
Sunday 22-Oct-2017 12:00 PMRun of the MillInfo
Saturday 28-Oct-2017 11:00 AMDumyat DashInfo

The first OHR member in any of the Club championship races will receive 15 points, 2nd OHR member 14 points, and so on down. All OHR competitors will receive 1 point for a placing 15th or lower.

All OHR members who organise or volunteer in any capacity for the duration of an OHR event from the Club championship list will be awarded 10 bonus points. However, only a maximum of 20 points can be additionally gained this way towards the final points tally.

To qualify for a final Championship placing and potential award, runners must complete a minimum of 5 races from the possible 12. If more races are participated in then the 5 best results will be considered. Volunteering bonus points will be additional to competition points and are at the discretion of the OHR member if they wish to enhance their points tally.

Prizes for - top male and top female.


NameRunCountingDumyat Hill RaceStuc a'Chroin 5000 Hill RaceGargunnock Hill RaceBen Sheann Hill RaceLaw BreakerBen Ledi Hill RaceDollar Hill RaceAlva Games hill raceMaddy Moss Mash Hill RaceOchil's 2000 raceRun of the MillDumyat DashTotal
Mark Baugh22 1015         25
Andrea Priestley22813          21
Stuart Brodie227 14         21
Graham Gristwood1115           15
Alasdair Anthony11 15          15
Steve Feltbower1114           14
Grant Baxter11 14          14
Catriona Buchanan1113           13
Pat Fitzpatrick11  13         13
Graeme Campbell1112           12
Simon Templeman11 12          12
Colin Edwards11  12         12
Ross Spalding1111           11
David Scott11 11          11
David Millar1110           10
Jack Bloodworth119           9
Richard Garside11 9          9
Jason Inman116           6
Nigel Roberts115           5
David Drewette114           4
Paul Fowler113           3
Karin Moore112           2

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